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Feb 16, 2013 5:30am EST
owners. >>> first, you need a plumber or a mechanic but you don't know who to trust? so you go to angie's list, minute yelp or some other customer review site, but can you trust the first thing that pops on your screen as being the best? news4's tisha thompson shows us why some businesses say it's all about the money. >> reporter: customer review sites offering honest to goodness opinions written by real customers, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. but how big a part does money play? >> i'm a firm believer that, you know, you have to earn where you rank. >> rami is the owner of a plumbing company in sterling, virginia. >> everything i check sd pretty positive reviews. >> reporter: he znts understand why angie's list places his company eight pages in below companies with lower grades until he got a call from angie's list asking him to advertise on their site. >> it was in excess of $50,000 to be ranked above companies that had lower rankings than we did. >> no company can pay to be on angie's list. >> reporter: the founder angie hicks says it's true, advertisers get better place
Feb 15, 2013 7:00pm EST
to have with us, angie steinbach are. the hoosier corn from tel aviv county to share her divine conservation park says, crop insurance and risk management techniques critical to operating the firemen the 21st century. as the folks testified today in a clear company to find the appropriate balance between disaster assistance programs. as angela tae yoo, lester's growing season was extraordinarily challenging. we had a very, very significant trout situation in indiana. angie and her family feasted on their farm and she's going to share some of that with this today. angie and her husband had dreamed to firemen through their hard work, dedication to administer cooperation to 1500 acres. she and her has been a great example to us here in the committee. we are to those glauber's to roll up our sleeves and to get a farm bill as soon as possible as well, madam chairwoman. >> thank you very much. we are pleased to have you and i want to now introduce from michigan and, jeff send a lifelong cherry farmer. he's given us chocolate covered cherries that will not remain in the committee longe
Feb 15, 2013 6:30pm PST
de comida y poco acceso a los baÑos. angie estÁ en mobile con los Últimos detalles. buenas tardes. >>> buenas tardes josÉ. muchos pasajeros estÁn en sus hogares. y se les hace mÁs difÍcil, uno de los autobuses que los estaba trasladando a nueva ofr learlea rompiÓ y tuvieron que esperar horas para que los fueran a buscar y nada se compara con lo que estas personas vivieron esta semana. >>> y anuncio el fin de una pesadilla y la felicidad de sus mÁs de 3.000 pasajeros abordo, su agradecimiento al pisar tierra firme. >>> lo primero es abrazar a mi familia mÁs entraron que esta odisea de 5 dÍas en altamar, habia cambiado sus vidas. >>> yo vi el humo desde allÁ viniendo para mi cuarto. >>> marÍa hernÁndez, dice que nunca se sintiÓ tan cerca de la muerte como el domingo pasado cuando un incendio en el cuarto de mÁquinas dejÓ el barco a la deriva. . >>> que tal si no paran el incendio y luego, se quema barco y luego se hunde no sÉ que voy a hacer, ya una vez digo a dios a todo. diego abandonÓ su camarote con su padre a cuestas. y el barco se habÍa inclinado, porque al te
Feb 16, 2013 6:00am EST
and meteorites. welcome, everybody. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. temperatures were pretty comfortable this morning. >> perhaps a storm. >> welcome to your weekend. as we mentioned, we have a chance for rain drops and even snowflakes this weekend. don't worry if you can'tind the snow shovel. not a lot coming our way. reduced visibility this morning. don't be surprised if you're out and about this morning to run into foggy spots. temperatures generally in the mid to upper 30s around spots. it is going to be a wet start to the morning. we'll continue to see these rain drops and eventually a chance for snowflakes later on today. we'll talk about that and the rest of your weekend coming up. >>> new this morning, prince george's county police say several people were robbed near the university of maryland campus. it happened just after midnight. police say there are multiple victi victims, and they believe the robbers took off and then left that area. if you have any information, please call police. >>> this morning, police in philadelphia say a woman who lived in our area until a year ago a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4